About UnHIDE and its mission#


The efforts of the unHIDE initiative are one part of the efforts by the Helmholtz metadata collaboration (HMC) to improve the quality, knowledge management and conservation of research output of the Helmholtz association with respect and through metadata. This is accomplished by making research output FAIR through better metadata or differently formulated creating to a certain extend in a certain form of a semantic web encompassing Helmholtz research.

With the unHIDE initiative our goal is to improve the metadata at the source and make data providers as well as scientists more aware of what metadata they put out on the web, how and with what quality. For this we create and expose the Helmholtz knowledge graph, which contains open high-level metadata exposed by different Helmholtz infrastructures. Also such a graph allows for services which serve needs of certain stakeholder groups to empower their work in different ways.

Beyond the knowledge graph in unHIDE we communicate and work together with Helmholtz infrastructures to improve metadata, (or make it available in the first place), through consulting, help and fostering networking between the infrastructures and respected experts.