10.5. Building Block View#

10.5.1. Whitebox Overall System#

10.5.2. Whitebox Overall System#

A rough overview of UnHIDE related repositories under the project are shown in the figure below. repository_overview

The administration repository is private and used for project related things that should not be made public. Therefore you can link of to secret information from the docs to there.

The documentation repository is for the documentation of the overall project, which basically is what you are reading here and now.

The unhide-docker repository contains different docker files for full or partly deployment of the whole project. Docker files for developments environments also go there.

The data-harvesting repository is a python library with a command line tool to run harvesters and data processing. Functionality should be kept general where ever possible and only UnHIDE specifically configured.

The unhide-ui repository contains the web front-end for UnHIDE, exposing the full text search through the data. Currently, it also contains the backend pieces which are needed for the full text search index, i.e the indexer, an API and some SOLR config related things and schemas.