10.7. Deployment View#

10.7.1. Infrastructure Level 1#

UnHIDE is deployed on HDF-cloud at the Jülich supercomputing center. The cloud is an open stack instance hosted as a service by the supercomputing center.

The choice to host there, was to host on (institute) extern reliable infrastructure, for low cost. So far the support is very nice and quick and there are no issues. UnHIDE runs on a single virtual machine, while data is mounted via a volume.

<Overview Diagram>

On the HDF-Cloud virtual machine the data pipeline with all the harvesters is executed through a cron job periodically. (So the data pipeline is not event based, with for now is for simplicity.) The overview of this deployment system is shown below in Fig. @fig:overview_deploy. overview_deploy{#fig:overview_deploy} The figure clearly shows all docker container spawned for the deployment of UnHIDE. Each part and service is running in its own docker container, which can communicate with other containers over an internal network. All connections from and to the outside world, i.e. our domains on the internet, go through a reverse proxy using Nginx with ssl. Deployment of the documentation#


The Figure above demonstrates, how the UnHIDE documentation is currently deployed. Because gitlab pages is not enabled for our usecase and needs on the gitlab the unhide project is in, we decided to mirror the documentation repository to github and deploy the documentation from there over github pages.